Dhari compliments and is dedicated to guarding your confidentiality. Dhari is dedicated and compliments the confidentiality of the customers. It guards all of the sensitive and private information. The transmission of your personal information such as names, address, email and other thoughtful information will be solely done only after the approval from the customers. Our Privacy Policy illustrates the level of disclosure to your personal information sharing. During the course of your contribution the registration can be cancelled at any time. For your safety, we enquire your personal information only at some places of the website and it clearly mentioned in the policy of the forms.


The distribution, selling, sharing with third party of the customers personal information is against the law and Dhari do not encourage/indulge in any such activities.


Any such act of submitting or publishing content related to personal use such as for marketing purpose, personal development and advertising are not encouraged and will be considered as commercial activities and Dhari does not allow such human activities to be carried out in our website. Usage of our content and distributing over the other sources are also offense. Any data we request or from the customers is only used as non-commercial source and no distribution is carried out in Dhari.


Dhari has many links for other websites which navigates outside our website. Dhari is not responsible for any other websites security or privacy in terms of your data being submitted in their websites, wherein it has been navigated from our site.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy statement, please feel free to write to us at