Dhari provides a holistic technique of testing and quality assurance that helps to build a product or service through enhanced testing methods, in order to minimize errors and defects in software that can affect your operations. In a high competitive market, it is very important to deliver a product or service with assured quality. Testing enables you to analyze, validate and verify the features of the given software that maintains input and output functionality. In most of the companies the creditability, sales revenue generation and growth of the company is driven by the software testing process with incorporated quality assurance.

Quality assurance is a systematic technique to verify if the product or service meets the specific requirements of the customer or not. Using leading testing and QA techniques to test the overall performance, functionality and reliability of the service or product can easily eliminate defects in the early stage of the development. Quality assurance and testing are designed to offer better performance of a service or product to improve customer confidence and company creditability.

Dhari has long-recognized the requirement for professional Quality Assurance & Testing. We’ve always provided extensive QA services for our own products and from this experience, we have developed our own specialized team and specifically dedicated to meeting the rigid requirements of our clients. Our team operates as an independent department separate from our development teams and is dedicated to supporting our many clients with the same level of attention with which we service our own internal products. Reliable Quality Assurance and Testing is cost-efficient and guarantees smooth delivery of software and data products for every industry.

The processes followed in Dhari are illustrated below,

  • Requirements gathering from the clients
  • Analysis of the Functional specification received from the client’s system analysts.
  • System Test scenarios creation based on the Functional requirements.
  • System Test cases creation with detailed step on the execution of the scenarios developed.
  • Data and Environment setup for the executing of the test cases.
  • Test execution as per the scenarios created.
  • Defect management and Reporting.
  • Assisting in various User Acceptance testing.
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